Wouldnt mind if i didnt wakeup tomorrow

I want to go to sleep & never wakeup

Love is like a swing. It has its ups & its downs


depression¬†is underrated in many ways. They don’t get how it feels to literally dread waking up because you know you just have to see everyone that doesn’t like you and makes fun of you. They don’t get how it feels to wakeup and look at the mirror and just break down in tears because what you see is like a monster to you. its ugly and its disgusting. They don’t know how it feels when the knife slits your wrist and the blood comes out as well as the tears. They don’t know how many hours are spent in the bedroom listening to music getting mascara all over your pillow. They don’t know the feeling of wanting to leave this earth but feeling bad for the one or two people that actually do care about you. They don’t know how it feels to be in those hospital beds. They don’t know how it feels when people see your slits on your wrists and just stare. They don’t know how swallowing pill after pill after pill is like. They don’t know your full story yet they judge you. Just because you have a smile on your face, they don’t know that inside your boiling. They don’t know why you cry yourself to sleep every night.

truth hurts for a little, but lies hurt forever
Love doesn’t walk away, people do.

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that was the funniest video that I have seen evaaar!

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